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Real-estate products, services, and solutions.

A balanced lifestyle and unforgettable experiences.

Us, in Flow.

A group of entrepreneurial specialists who set forth to co-create an amazing destination – balanced, integrated with its paradisiacal natural surroundings and cultural heritage – by means of contemporary real-estate solutions, urban planning, and the enhancement of positive social and environmental impact.

Together, we wish to recast the history of tourism in Brazil’s coastline. More than an innovative project, our lives’ project. Adventures, ideas, fresh air, and a lot of work. In constant flow…

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What we do

Real-estate solutions, urban planning, positive impact, curated network.


Real-estate solutions

Flow designs and develops innovative real estate products, services, and experiences. Committed to a respectful integration with nature, we focus on the use of natural, locally sourced materials. Construction methods and design carefully incorporate of elements from the region’s cultural heritage. At the core of our business, our real-estate development approach encompasses multiple segments – such as residential, commercial, and leisure – as well as target users.

Get inspired with Vila Carnaúba


Urban Planning

Taking the zoom-out approach and thinking at the urban scale is one of our operating principles. Alongside a multidisciplinary group of experienced urban planners, Flow provides guidelines for land use to promote an orderly and harmonious development, preserving natural resources and the local culture.


Positive Impact

Flow is committed to maximizing positive social and environmental impact in the region, objectively incorporating the impact lens into all of our real-estate developments and services. We create and execute projects focused on promoting socioeconomic development for the region – both for-profit and non-profit, with a long-term view.

Meet Instituto Camboa, a non-profit initiative by Flow


Curated network

People are at the core of everything we do. We wish to co-create a destination with those who share our values, and who will contribute to the sustainable development of the region. We invite entrepreneurs, athletes, passionate kiters, and anyone who is looking to embrace a balanced lifestyle to join us in this journey.

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Our team

Unafraid of scouting the unknown to co-create what is new. We are a group of experts – architects, engineers, economists, designers, agronomists, and urban planners – with big dreams, and power of accomplishment. A team committed to doing good and doing well.

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Julio Cápua

Christian Bendixen

Frederico Ferreira

Eduardo Juaçaba
Legal & Gov. Relations

Alexia Bergallo
Product & Impact

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José Bernardo.jpg
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Bruno De Paoli
Design & Marketing

José Bernardo Milek 

Janine Cápua

Miguel Pinto Guimarães 

Mariano Pessôa
New Business

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